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2013-07-25 BRS Aerospace announces safety parachute for Vans RV-7 and RV-9

BRS Aerospace announces the availability of a BRS whole-airframe emergency recovery system for the Vans RV-7 and RV-9.

Recovery parachute (image: BRS Aerospace)

The bag deployed system meets the ASTM Standard F 2316-12 for recovery parachutes. The unit is stowed in a specially designed frame suspended from structural aluminum angles spanning the upper aircraft longerons on each side of the aircraft on the back side of the aft baggage bulkhead. It deploys out of the right side of the fuselage behind the wing and angled upwards.

"We are very excited to release this installation to the Vans Aircraft market. We listened to the customer base and responded. Our most frequently request for an installation is on a Vans Aircraft - BRS Aerospace answered with the installation kit you see today that incorporates key features to allow the kit builder to perform the installation. I am very proud of our designers and engineers who crafted such a well-thought out solution for the Vans RV-7 and -9." says BRS Aerospace CEO, Larry E. Williams.

BRS Aerospace will display the RV-9 installation on a fuselage at its booth during EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh next week.

Since 1981, BRS has delivered more than 30,000 parachute systems to aircraft owners worldwide, including over 3,500 systems on FAA-certificated aircraft. To date, BRS parachute recovery systems have been credited with saving the lives of 299 pilots and passengers. To promote this new installation, BRS Aerospace is offering a corresponding USD 299 discount to customers who place an order and put down a deposit on the system during AirVenture.

The installation kit for the RV-7/9 series is now offered for sale with a lead-time of approximately 6-8 weeks after placement of the order. in social media: