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2013-03-11 Cirrus On Demand - new ownership program from Cirrus

Cirrus today announced Cirrus On Demand, a transformational ownership solution that puts the convenience and capability of general aviation at the command of new Cirrus owners who are not currently pilots.

With the Cirrus On Demand program, an experienced, certified Cirrus pilot is at the disposal of a new Cirrus owner. From the first day of ownership, Cirrus On Demand customers benefit from immediate and safe utility of their aircraft. Adding to the value of this offering is real-time flight training, meaning the new owner can train while flying the aircraft for business or on a weekend getaway.

Cirrus SR22 (image: Cirrus)

"With the recent launch of our Generation 5 aircraft, we have also modernized our innovative pilot solution program, providing a new segment of owners the immediate use of their Cirrus aircraft - on demand - and tailored to each individual's travel or training needs." stated Todd Simmons, Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Customer Support at Cirrus Aircraft.

Cirrus On Demand pilots are Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIP) who have been professionally trained and evaluated by Cirrus training specialists and trained to the company's corporate flight standards. Additional credentials for these pilots include: Commercial Pilot Certificate and a Certified Flight Instructor with an instrument rating (CFII). This corporate pilot is fully qualified by Cirrus Corporate Flight Operations to fly in all legal weather. They will also manage all aspects of flight operation; from flight planning and preflight safety to loading/unloading passengers and baggage, fuel and travel planning, including booking hotels and car rental. Should the owner desire to work toward their own pilot's license, their pilot will provide training and all training materials required for certification. With a Cirrus On Demand pilot, there is no barrier to ownership for Cirrus customers who are not yet a pilot.

"For the business owner who wants to become a pilot, but has found the time commitment of traditional flight training daunting, or for the person who simply wants the efficiency and economy of private aircraft ownership, Cirrus On Demand is the perfect ownership solution. It removes the barriers of 'What if I am not a pilot' or 'My schedule is too busy' and provides all the advantages afforded the private owner pilot. Cirrus on Demand begins the day you take delivery. What easier way is there to enjoy the luxury and convenience of owning a Cirrus and obtain a license while traveling for vacation or for work?" explains further Todd Simmons. in social media: