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2013-09-03 Piper to deliver Jeppesen data with new aircraft purchase

Piper will provide Jeppesen flight data to purchasers of new Piper airplanes, effective immediately.

The flight data will simplify access to flight information for Piper aviators.

Piper Meridian (image: Piper)

Delivery of new Pipers will include Jeppesen NavData and digital charts onboard and ready for use in flight. New owners of Piper aircraft equipped with Garmin G1000 avionics will receive a PilotPak data bundle that also includes supplemental databases, including obstacle, terrain, SafeTaxi and airport diagrams, in addition to Jeppesen navigation data.

"Having Jeppesen flight data onboard at the time of new aircraft delivery eliminates a step in the flight preparation process and enhances the overall customer experience. This data service provides trusted flight information that is packaged for the specific needs of pilots as they take to the skies in their newly purchased Piper airplane." said Piper Vice President of Sales and Marketing Drew McEwen.

Jeppesen flight data will now be provided with the purchase of Piper Meridian, Piper Mirage, Piper Matrix, Piper Seneca V, Piper Seminole, Piper Arrow, Piper Archer LX and Piper Archer TX models equipped with Garmin G1000 and Garmin G500 avionics and Chartview functionality.

"We are dedicated to serving the needs of the dynamic general aviation industry and teaming with Piper Aircraft to provide onboard digital flight data offers added value to the aircraft purchase process that pilots will appreciate. This turn-key experience simplifies the flight information acquisition and revision process and pilots are able to fly sooner, with trusted Jeppesen data already onboard." said David Wright, director, Jeppesen General Aviation Client Management.

Jeppesen NavData is developed from a comprehensive aviation database, which is composed of more than one million records. To ensure accuracy, Jeppesen flight information analysts edit and verify approximately 150,000 database transactions generated from worldwide aviation data source documents during every 28-day revision cycle. in social media: